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Editorial Office

University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Aškerčeva 6,

SI-1000 Ljubljana

P: +386 1 4771 137

The journal is subsidized by Slovenian Research Agency.

ISSN: 0039-2480

Current volume


SV - JME 63 (2017) 6

Table of contents

  1. In-situ Observations of a Multi-Asperity Real Contact Area on a Submicron Scale
  2. Analysis of the Influence of Laser Power on the Microstructure and Properties of a Titanium Alloy-Reinforced Boron Carbide Matrix Composite (Ti6Al4V-B4C)
  3. Control-Oriented Modelling with Experimental Verification and Design of the Appropriate Gains of a PI Speed Ratio Controller of Chain CVTs
  4. Mixed Convection Heat Transfer in a Square Lid-Driven Cavity Filled with Al2O3-Water Nanofluid
  5. A Practical Method to Detect a Transverse Cracked Rotor Using Transient Response
  6. The Influence of Airflow Characteristics and Accumulation Grid Velocity on the Formation of a Stone Wool Primary Layer

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SV - JME 63 (2017) 5

Table of contents

  1. Critical Failure Analysis of Superheater Tubes of Coal-Based Boiler
  2. Influence of Quasi-Steady Wind Loads on the Fatigue Damage of Wind Turbine Gearboxes
  3. Drop-in Performance Analysis and Effect of IHX for an Automotive Air Conditioning System with R1234yf as a Replacement of R134a
  4. The Calculation of Meshing Efficiency of a New Type of Conical Involute Gear
  5. Machine-vision-based human-oriented mobile robots: A review

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SV - JME 63 (2017) 4

Table of contents

  1. The Validation of Numerical Methodology for Oven Design Optimization Using Numerical Simulations and Baking Experiments
  2. Pneumatic Muscle-Actuated Adjustable Compliant Gripper System for Assembly Operations
  3. Performance Index in MHD Duct Nanofluid Flow Past a Bluff Body at High Re
  4. Reliability Assessment of Bearings Based on Performance Degradation Values under Small Samples
  5. An Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation in SPF of AA 5083 Alloy using Programming Logic Control Approach
  6. A Surveillance of Direct-Firing System for Pulverized-Coal Using Statistically Treated Signals from Intrusive Electrostatic Sensors
  7. Failure Analysis of the Multi-Level Series Rotary Seal Device under High-Pressure Water

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SV - JME 63 (2017) 3

Table of contents

  1. The Development of a Recognition Geometry Algorithm for Hybrid – Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing
  2. Dynamic Model and Analysis of Nonlinear Vibration Characteristic of a Curve-Face Gear Drive
  3. Efficiency Improvement of Agricultural Winch Machines
  4. Modelling and Control of a Fixed Calliper-Based Electronic Wedge Brake
  5. Vehicle Aerodynamic Stability Analysis under High Crosswinds
  6. Determination of the Threshold for Extreme Load Extrapolation Based on Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Technology

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SV - JME 63 (2017) 2

Table of contents

  1. Influence of Hydrodynamic Cavitation on Intensification of Laundry Aqueous Detergent Solution Preparation
  2. Effects of Nozzle Inner Surface Roughness on the Performance of Self-Resonating Cavitating Waterjets under Different Ambient Pressures
  3. Inverse Method for Controlling Pure Material Solidification in Spherical Geometry
  4. Work Hardening of Non-Axisymmetric Die-Less Spinning
  5. MHD Boundary Layer Behaviour over a Moving Surface in a Nanofluid under the Influence of Convective Boundary Conditions
  6. Comfort Improvement of a Novel Nonlinear Suspension for a Seat System Based on Field Measurements
  7. Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Horn Powder-Filled Epoxy Composites

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SV - JME 63 (2017) 1

Table of contents

  1. Optimal Wavelet Selection for the Size Estimation of Manufacturing Defects of Tapered Roller Bearings with Vibration Measurement using Shannon Entropy Criteria
  2. Improvement of the Lubrication Performance of RBD Palm Stearin as an Alternative Lubricant under Different Sliding Speeds
  3. Linear and Quadratic Solid-Shell Elements for Quasi- Static and Dynamic Simulations of Thin 3D Structures: Application to a Deep Drawing Process
  4. Robust Fault-Tolerant Control of In-Wheel Driven Bus with Cornering Energy Minimization
  5. Research of Planetary Gear Fault Diagnosis Based on Multi-Scale Fractal Box Dimension of CEEMD and ELM
  6. Modelling Length/Pressure Hysteresis of a Pneumatic Artificial Muscle using a Modified Prandtl-Ishlinskii Model
  7. Model Reduction of a Load-Sensing Hydraulic System via Activity Index Analysis

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